My Story

I am 22 year-old Lauren Russell- entrepreneur, investor, millennial, and social media marketer.  I have been in diversified investments and apart of a financial fitness company for about a year and a half.  I was introduced to the world investing and business at 20 years old as a college student specializing in Physician Assistant Studies for five years. Although I started my journey to becoming a physician assistant at a very young age and high school student, I made a HUGE change in what I wanted to do with my life once I was exposed to a new world of information and possibilities. I had the realization that there are other ways to make a significant of money, but without having to work 80 hour weeks and always being on-call. I dropped out of school and moved to sunny Florida to begin my new life.

I am starting/building my blog “Florida Girl in an Investor’s World” to show not only the people that work with me on a daily basis, but people of the world how it is possible to leverage systems already in place, investment tools that I use, and other information and resources available to us. Starting this next week I will be showing how I am doing it with a small investment, my returns, what resources I am taking advantage of, the good/the bad/the ugly. My vision for this blog is to show what is possible not only for young people, women, someone with a completely different back and no experience.

I believe the difference between “The Average Joe” and the wealthiest person in the world is a lack of information and resources. We just are not taught these things in school or by our parents. Why not start now and break the cycle of what we have been repeating for generations and build a legacy for our future generations to come. It all starts by setting an example.

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